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Our sites

With a network of test sites in Germany, Spain and Poland, as well as cooperation partners in the most important geographic and climate zones of Europe, we are able to perform open-field tests for all relevant cultures.

sunflower field

Sites within Germany

Blankenhagen Climate: maritime, soil: loamy sand, sandy loam, soil value: 35-45

Tützpatz Climate: Mecklenburg-Brandenburg transition climate, soil: sandy-loamy soils, podsols, gley, soil value: 45

Uedem Climate: characterized by western weather conditions from the Atlantic, soil: Pseudogley-Gley, Gley-Podsol, brown soil, Parabraun soil, brown Plaggenesch, soil value: 32-70

Oderbruch Climate: Mecklenburg-Brandenburg transition climate, soil: luvic gleysol, soil value: 40-65

Prignitz Climate: Mecklenburg-Brandenburg transition climate, soil: loamy sand, sandy loam, soil value: 30-45

Bad Sulza Climate: Middle-German dry area , Soil: shallow clay soils with gravel subsoil, loamy silt, black earth, Soil value index: 40-90

Gerichshain Climate: mild climate of the Leipzig lowland indentation, soil: sandy loam, brown earths, soil value: 50-60

Motterwitz Climate: Middle-Saxon hill climate, soil: Lommatz loess loam area, soil value: 75

Trossin Climate: East-German inland climate, soil: loamy sand, soil value: 25-46

Ebrach Climate: South German low mountain climate, soil: Brown earth, stark loamy sand, Soil value: 40-60

Sites outside of Germany

Urbanowice Climate: moderate transition climate, soil: sandy loam, soil value: 55-75

Utrera Climate: subtropical Mediterranean climate, soil: Sand, sandy loam, sandy slay loam

Your contact

Ralf Kniep

Head of Division Field Tests

034292 863-500

You can find your direct contact for the respective sites by clicking the site name to get to the site description.

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