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Contract research for industry & agriculture
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Your laboratory for analytical services

Qualified testing services for industry and agriculture

For the authorization of pesticides and other chemicals that enter the environmental cycle, for example via wastewater, the proper examination of their fate in nature is essential. In the field of analytics, BioChem agrar GmbH specializes in the detection of chemicals in soil, water and plants.

Water level check

Our service: Agricultural analytics, soil analytics & residue analytics

We undertake the accompanying analytics for internal and external studies in the context of plant protection product and chemical approvals under GLP and the corresponding ISO or EU directives. In addition, we offer customized solutions in the areas of method development and validation, residue behavior, formulation content determination, degradation behavior and adsorption / desorption.


Nutrient examinations and soil testing for farmers

As part of agricultural analytics, we offer agricultural companies a wide range of services - from the examination of soil samples and plant samples to the examination of farmyard manure and individual fertilizer identification.

An overview of our analytics areas:


Agricultural analytics


  • Determination of plant-available nutrient contents according to VDLUFA
  • Fertilizer requirements
  • Physical soil parameters
  • Quality parameters in harvest samples
  • Examination of plant samples and renewable raw materials
  • Examination of manure according to § 2 Fertilizer Act

Soil and Water Characteristics (GLP)


  • Soil type according to DIN 4220 and USDA
  • Cation exchange capacity
  • Kjeldahl nitrogen
  • Maximum water holding capacity
  • Microbial biomass
  • Organic carbon
  • pF values
  • PH value
  • Density
  • Sediment analytics

Residue analytics (GLP)


  • Accompanying analytics for laboratory and field studies
  • application controls
  • Soil degradation studies
  • Content determination of active ingredients
  • Storage stability tests
  • Method development and validation
  • Residue tests

Do you have questions or would you like advice on a specific issue? Then get in touch with us, the experts of the BioChem agrar GmbH are at your side with help and advice.




  • Soil, water, sediment
  • Bee food, nectar, pollen
  • Bees, arthropods
  • Plants (fruits, vegetables, cereals)
  • Products from processing processes (e.g., flour, straw)

Sample preparation


  • Jaw crusher
  • Ball and knife mills
  • Multi vortex
  • Ultrasonic
  • Ultra-Turrax



  • Microwave extraction
  • (Online) SPE and SPME
  • QuEChERS
  • Ultrasonic



  • Elemental Analytics: AAS (flame, graphite tube)
  • GC-MS and -FID
  • HPLC with UV, DAD, fluorescence and conductivity detector
  • Triple Quadrupole LC-MS / MS
  • UV / VIS spectroscopy

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Dr. Kai Naumann

Head of Division Analytics

+4934292 863-600

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