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Residue analytics (GLP)

Residue analytics specialises in the evidence of plant protection agents in the soil, water and plants. As a focus, we conduct supporting analyses for ecotoxicological studies and open-field studies of BioChem agrar. We also take care of the supporting analytics for external studies in the scope of plant protection agent and chemicals approvals under GLP and the corresponding ISO or EU directives.

Study types

Customer-specific solutions

We offer customer-specific solutions in the areas of method development and validation, residue behaviour, content determination of formulations, degradation behaviour and adsorption/desorption.
Our experienced team has state-of-the-art analytics devices available for processing the different issues.

Study types


  • Supporting analytics for ecotoxicological lab studies (aquatic, plants, pollinators (bees and bumblebees), earthworms, predatory mites, springtails, …)
  • Supporting analytics for ecotoxicological open-field tests (e.g. earthworms and springtails)
  • Soil degradation studies

  • Residue analytics of agricultural products, including the interim products and all processing processes
  • Content determination of active substances
  • Storage stability tests
  • Application controls (e.g. spray cocktails)
  • Method development according to SANCO 3029/99, SANCO 3030/99 and SANCO 825/00

Your contact persons

Dr. Kai Naumann

Head of Division Analytics

+49 34292 863-600

Hartmut Thomas

Study Director Residue Analytics

+49 34292 863-601

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