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Aquatic tests

Plant protection agents cannot usually be limited to the area to which they are applied. They will enter surrounding bodies of water, e.g. by being washed off after rain. Therefore, it must be ensured that they or their degradation products do not negatively influence the ecosystem there.

Aquatic tests
Aquatic tests

Our service

We offer a broad range of aquatic toxicity tests for plant protection agents, pharmaceuticals, biocides and other chemicals. The studies are conducted according to the OECD/ISO/EPA directives under GLP conditions.

Aquatic GLP studies

Water plants/algae

OECD 201
Freshwater Alga and Cyanobacteria, growth inhibition test




  • Green algae (Desmodesmus subspicatus, Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, Chlorella vulgaris, Desmodesmus communis)
  • Blue algae (Anabaena flos-aquae, Synechococcus sp.)
  • Diatomes (Navicula pelliculosa, Skeletonema costatum)


… other species on request, studies with recovery possible

OECD 221
Lemna sp. growth inhibition test




  • Lemna minor
  • Lemna gibba
  • Spirodela polyrhiza

Studies with recovery possible


OECD 238
Sediment-free Myriophyllum spicatum toxicity test


OECD 239


  • Water-sediment Myriophyllum spicatum toxicity test
  • Water-sediment Glyceria maxima toxicity test


… other plant species on request

Aquatic tests
Aquatic tests
Aquatic tests

OECD 202
Daphnia sp. acute immobilisation test

OECD 211
Daphnia magna reproduction test

OECD 218/219
Sediment-water Chironomid toxicity using spiked sediment/water

OECD 225
Sediment-water Lumbriculus toxicity test using spiked sediment

OECD 235
Chironomus sp. acute immobilisation test

OECD 243
Lymnaea stagnalis reproduction test

OECD 203
Fish, acute toxicity test

OECD 215
Fish, juvenile growth test




  • Cyprinus carpio
  • Danio rerio
  • Lepomis macrochirus
  • Oncorhynchus mykiss

Aquatic degradation tests


OECD 301 A
DOC die-away test

OECD 301 D
Closed bottle test

OECD 301 E
Modified OECD screening test


OECD 301 F

Manometric Respirometry

OECD 209
Activated sludge, respiration inhibition test

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Daniela Warning

Study Director Aquatic Lab Tests

+49 34292 863-750

Patrick Renner

Study Director Aquatic Lab Tests

+49 34292 863-751

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