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Contract research for industry & agriculture
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Your specialist for ecotoxicological investigations

Qualified testing services for industry and agriculture

Plant protection products must not have an unacceptable impact on the environment. Extensive, legally prescribed ecotoxicological tests must therefore investigate the effect of new pesticides on various animal and plant species that represent the natural flora and fauna.


As an established contract laboratory with in-depth know-how in environmental biology and ecotoxicology, we offer a wide range of tests for the authorization and registration of crop protection products, biocides, chemicals and veterinary pharmaceuticals.


Our service for manufacturers and distributors of pesticides


Our state-of-the-art laboratory complex enables us to perform aquatic and terrestrial testing to assess the risks of pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals.

In addition to standard laboratory studies, we also offer higher-tier studies in greenhouses, semi-free-field conditions and in the field - we can draw on a broad network of test sites and its excellent infrastructure.


Performing GLP-compliant tests is based on the current OECD, ISO, IOBC, EPPO, and EPA guidelines, as well as our many years of experience in the field.

Our testing areas in the field of ecotoxicology:


Aquatic tests

  • Aquatic plants / algae
  • Vertebrates
  • Invertebrates
  • Aquatic degradation studies


Bee and bumblebee tests

  • Field tests
  • Semi-field tests
  • Laboratory tests


Soil organisms


  • Free field tests (earthworms, microarthropods, litter bag dismantling studies)
  • Laboratory tests (Eisenia fetida, Eisenia andrei, Oligochaetes, Folsomia candida ...)

Non-target arthropods (NTA)

  • Laboratory tests
  • Extended laboratory tests
  • Semi-field tests


Non-target plants (NTP)

  • Vegetative vigour
  • Seedling emergence

For further information please contact the contact persons of the respective test areas.

Your contact

Markus Barth

Head of Division Ecotoxicology

+49 34292 863-700

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