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Residue tests (GLP)

After application of plant protection agents, residues may remain in and on the plants, but also in the soil. In order to protect the consumer, there are strict guidelines for the admissible residue amounts in foods. In order to comply with these, the residue behaviour of chemicals must be determined before the approval. All residue tests necessary for this will be conducted by BioChem agrar for its client according to the existing provisions.

Residue tests
Residue tests

Our service

We provide field studies, subsequent food-technology processing of harvested products, residue analytics and overall reporting from a single source. Our many years of experience enable us to perform complete residue programs cross-regionally as well (multi-site studies).
With dedicated test bases in Germany, Poland and Spain, as well as selected long-term cooperation partners in other countries of Europe, we conduct residue tests in all agriculturally relevant cultures.

At a glance


  • Long experience, GLP-certified since 1991
    Test sites across Europe
  • Growing, harvest and processing from a single source

  • Examination of the residue behaviour:
    – in plants (open field and greenhouse)
    – in succeeding crops
    – in various soils
    – in various soils
    – in processed harvested goods
  • DFR-studies

Your contact persons

Dr. Hendrik Harant

Residue tests (GLP) test facility Gerichshain

+49 34292 863-510

Ulrich Janssen

Residue tests (GLP) test facility Uedem

+49 2825 53909-12

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