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Test Facility Uedem

The Agroplan branch in Uedem is an independent, certified test facility (GLP/GEP). Uedem is located at the lower left Lower Rhine in the northwest of North Rhine-Westphalia. This area at the border with the Netherlands is characterised by a maritime climate.


The conditions on site

  • Climate characterised by the west-weather situation from the Atlantic ocean
  • Pseudogley-gley/gley-podsol, soil value 40-45
  • Typical brown earth / para brown earth, soil value: 60-70
  • Pseudogley brown earth, soil value: 60-70
  • Independent test facility (GLP/GEP)
  • Base for sowing and harvesting technology (field and station)
  • Stationary test areas (10 ha) and scattered location
  • Grain, potatoes, fruit cultures, vegetables in the open area and the greenhouse, decorative plants, wine and hops cultivation, storage protection, forest and other
  • Execution of biological efficiency studies (under GEP)
  • Execution of residue studies in the soil and ground water, plants and processed products (under GLP) as well as execution of ground water monitoring
  • Test point network (Germany, Benelux states, northeastern region of France, further European countries)

Your contact

Ulrich Janssen

Branch Agroplan Bünnert, 72, 47589 Uedem, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

+49 2825 53909 0

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