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To expand our capacity, we are very proud to present you: The new state-of-the-art greenhouse!
  • Terrestrial Plant Tests (GLP), Seed Treatment and Crop Safety Tests (GEP) and Plant Tests regarding resistance determination
  • Located at our company headquarter in Gerichshain
  • With 4 separate individually climate controllable compartments (100 m² each)
  • Equipped with a modern Schachtner lab track sprayer
  • Operated by a long-term experienced team of specialists
  • Your contact persons:

Ms Kathleen Kästner (head)
mobile: +49 (0)160 8458974

Ms Anja Friedemann (NTP-GLP)
mobile: +49 (0)160 90250825


  • Terrestrial Plant Test: Seedling Emergence and Seedlings Growth Test (OECD 208)
  • Terrestrial Plant Test: Vegetative Vigour Test (OECD 227)
  • Seed treatment against seedling diseases (Trials under controlled conditions / EPPO: PP1/125)
  • Crop safety trials under controlled conditions (EPPO: PP1/135)
  • Plant tests regarding resistance determination (good agricultural practice)
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